Lumine - constellation spin off

Another constellation software spin off $LMGIF, on OTC pls can this be added?

Also $OTCM for isa - is this possible?

Hello :person_raising_hand:

I have forwarded $LMGIF to be added and will let you know once I hear back from the team.

Generally, instruments traded on the OTC Markets cannot be held in an ISA due to regulations. We’ll double-check if $OTCM is an exception to that rule, and share the news here :pray:

Thanks @Momchil.G that would be much appreciated :clap:t3:

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Hey any feedback from the team? :blush:

Not yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we have any news :ok_hand:

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Any rough timelines on word back? Thanks :pray:t3:

We just added the instrument to the platform :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Are either ISA available? @B.E @Bogi.H @Momchil.G

LMGIF is on the same exchanges as TOI.V which is available in isa no?

Legends! Thanks :pray:t3: your guys are so good at listening to the community

OTTCM is not ISA eligible, however, LMGIF is and is already available on the platform (in ISAs).

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