Market buy order still pending after market open?

As you can see I have some pending market buy orders that still haven’t gone through, however the US market opened at 1430 and it is now 1705 and they are still pending. Why is this? I assumed they would go through once the market opened? I am new to trading and just trying to understand why this is happening.

Thanks in advance

@Wombat A very uncommon issue which fortunately occurred on practice mode only. We’ll look into it.

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Hi David,

I’ve signed up recently, using the practice account and have a pending sell order which I have been trying to cancel since yesterday. The system went down and it constantly displays the processing icon which indicates it’s stuck.

Please could you advise when this will be fixed, as I’ve lost a lot of money on the trade because I was unable to sell when the price was high.

Kind regards,


@Urbanpuma DM me your account email & we’ll check what’s going on.

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