MGC pharmaceuticals stamp duty charge

Can you look into why there is stamp duty charged on this stock.


My understanding is that it is stamp duty exempt. No other trading platform I am with is charging stamp duty other than trading212

OMG i just looked at my history and yes I am being charged too…

Thank you for raising this, has anyone got in touch with you?

To me it looks like it is on main market LSE therefore is not exempt from stamp duty, it should be charged.

Rules seem to be it is only exempt if it is listed on AIM or the high growth segment, so unless that is the case then to me that means stamp duty is applicable.

Are you confusing MXC.L with MXCL? The first is listed on the main market but the second is on AIM.

when you search mxcl you get MXC

when you search MXC.L you get nothing.

But the only one listed seems to non AIM

Ticker symbol MXC (but also works typing MXCL)

This. MXC is main market so is not stamp duty exempt



ok thanks.

On trading 212 MXCT for MaxCyte

If you search on app for MXCL you get MGC pharm

But understood- it’s not AIM

Definitely not being charged stamp duty with my transactions through Jarvis on my share purchases neither with Free trade. Haven’t checked with any other broker. Appreciate it is main market listed and not Aim but is it listed as a high growth segment security and therefore exempt from SDRT? Strange why at least two other brokers are not charging it but trading212 is…

Definitely MGC Pharmaceuticals listed with epic MXC on the London main market

Was trying to work that out, it could well be but I couldn’t find the answer

I also checked other brokers and wasn’t being charged stamp duty on any, very strange, hopefully staff can clarify on Monday

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