Min Trade Quant reduction

Hi, can you please reduce the min traded quants in the following tickers? (CFD)

  1. BMRN - BioMarin Pharma
  2. ZBH - Zimmer Biomet


Hey, @Shatners_Bassoon.

We’ve reduced the minimum trading quantities of both instruments to 0.1 units :v:

is there any way restrictions on stocks such as i-nexus can be removed? I have not been allowed to buy this stock and it had a 50% raise in a day so I am gutted. It says unfavourable trade prices, but if I set a price limit it will only execute at the price or below? So why are limit orders also not allowed?

Apologies for initially missing your question.

I-Nexus Global PLC has a very low trading volume and a market cap of only 1.3 million, which could lead to unfavourable order execution.

Regarding limit orders, they are not an option as the restrictions come from our intermediary to avoid potential flooding with pending orders that don’t correspond with the normal market parameters.

thanks for replying, really appreciated. I have this stock and can no longer buy so that is why i am disappointing. It does make me wonder why you have stocks listed that you cant support. I like to invest in small companies and now been locked out, would much rather have a situation where it wasn’t available in the first place! Are there any plans to allow, or make able existing holders be able to purchase in any way?

The market conditions are dynamic, so it’s impossible to predict which instruments could be affected and not offer them in the first place. I-Nexus is among the small-cap stocks that entered close-only mode a while ago - you can find the complete list on this page from our Help Centre.

The listed instruments will continue to be monitored, and the restrictions may be revisited in the future. However, that depends entirely on the market and execution conditions of the instrument.