Minimum amount to invest in pie

Oh that’s a real shame… any reason why this was changed? It seems that this kind of destroys the usability of pies and prices a lot of users out of the feature. Especially the more advanced users that diversify and have a carefully curated portfolio, especially those following the teaches of Ray Dalio so diversification across asset classes/currencies/industries and geographies will have to dumb their portfolio down if they want to use pies. I was previously depositing £20 a week and now I’ll have to wait 5 weeks to make a deposit which affects my weekly dollar cost averaging strategy.


You can still DCA. Just make more pies, and with each containing a subset of your stocks. Invest £20 in one pie each week, rotating through the pies with appropriate frequency. This will give you plenty of dollar cost averaging.

But in fact it would not make much difference if you simply invest £100 ever five weeks. Dollar cost averaging does not need investment so frequently as weekly.


This change just made my investing strategy impossible. I invest around 50€ a month, and I invested them on my ARKK pie. The minimum deposit was 40€, now it’s 200€. Can someone explain the reasen behind this change? I don’t know what to do now…

You could create several pies which together cover the ARK stocks, but where in each pie the smallest slice is 2.5%. Now minimum investment in each pie will be satisfied by investing 40€. Each month invest in a different pie in rotation.

However, you might also just save up until you have 200€ to invest. You will not do significantly different to investing monthly

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Not gonna lie, I regularly invest through trading212. I put a bit in various different pies, but now this STUPID change has basically made the app unusable for retail investors.

I shouldn’t, as a customer, have to juggle pies around just because you want to get more money under management! It’s a PANDEMIC and you’re lucky people are even still investing at all!

Change it back to how it was before, because my minimum deposit each month for ONE pie shouldn’t suddenly jump from £10 to £240!!


it hasn’t made it unusable for all retail investors. mine still works just fine :man_shrugging:.

It has just added limitations for those who decide to fill more of the maximum 50 slices of a pie.

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Hmmm… surely can’t be both :blush:

Since the minimum investment per slice has increased from 0.2 to 1, I don’t see how your minimum for a pie would go from £10 to £240. It would be £10 to £50, no?

This is nonsense!
I have 4 pies where I used to invest a total of 100€ per month in total. 30€ in 2 of them and 20€ in the other 2.
Now the minimum I need to invest bus 100€!!
I see someone mentioned having more than 50 holdings in the same pie. It’s not my case, and in one of them I only have 9. I don’t plan on splitting the 4 pies into 8 or 16. There’s no way that’s going to happen.
I’m considering selling everything and go into a new platform if this isn’t changed back again. I’m pretty sure you get more money with whales (huge investors), but let’s see how many other people are happy with this change without a prior notice. Not nice trading212!


Who else is offering, free autoinvest pies? :thinking:

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It seems that you have been investing in some stocks a 1% slice of 0.2€ per month, so only 2.40€ per year. I would humbly suggest that investment at such a level is not an effective way to save. Even if that stock were to double you would have made only 2.40€.

It would be better to spread your annual budget of 1200€ over fewer stocks or into a few ETFs. If you really want to make an annual investment of 2.40€ in some stock then do it at one or two time points a year rather than try to spread equally over 12 months.

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Sorry to disagree but this is not accurate since if you buy real cheap stock actions and they go up you end up doing way over than doubling the investment. While it’s not too much in amount over the year, it was automatically calculated and I don’t plan on doing that manually. The food thing about diversify is that you are “safer” and that did work out for me in the past few months.
I ended up spending over 3h to split my 4 pies into 15 in total and keep almost the exact height and investment in each of the stocks.
I decide where and how to spend my money, not t212. But this is a huge pain and now I need to manual or automatic invest in 15 pies instead of one, so if the plan was to reduce transactions, deposits, etc, that did the exact opposite big their intensions. Now I have a small pie where I only spend 2€/month. Stupid, but it was the only way to keep this automatic and the way I wanted for those stocks.
Again, I don’t understand the point of this except to convince smaller investors to go away.
Yes my investment is not too high (automatic) but that changes over time and with manual deposits. O guess that’s not going to happen anymore or not that frequently

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It is interesting to read this post from M1 Finance (available in US) in which they carefully explain the reasons they changed to a $1 minimum investment.

There were previously in a ridiculous position that

Sub $1 trades make up 25% of total trade volume while only accounting for 0.05% of all dollars transacted.

The motivation for change seems very similar to that of Trading 212:

These less-than-$1 purchases can put unnecessary strain on the system for such a low percentage of transaction dollars. Instead of us focusing our development effort on handling micro transactions and system maintenance, we can instead innovate faster and provide more value to you


That is very true and I’ve gone for your idea of £100 monthly, thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Yes this minimum amount thing, has made me now not want to use the pie.

I have 2 pies.

one as 12 companies in the other 9.

I just wanted to whack X amount in each month and it just uses whatever money is available per pie and split it across all the stocks as per the per cent ratio.

Last month one was a min of £15 now £35
the other min of £20 now £100.

Not what I wanted to do. I’m obviously not understanding.

Same here. I have one pie with minimum funding of €33,00 was €1,00. Quite a difference. If I have some euro’s in my free funds, I can’t move them in a pie (even without creating orders)

I exported all the pies stocks back into the main inventory and deleted the pies, I will just have to manually do it each month for now. Or find a better way of auto investing. It’s a shame really. One of the main reasons i came over to T212 :frowning:

So I am guessing the other way to deal with this when having money sat in your pie but unused is to rebalance. It makes no sense money not being used for a month. Pies just became a little less attractive :angry:

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Trading 212 are not listening to how the customer (if we are still that after GME…) Wants.

There is a work around: turn auto-reinvest for dividends off. Then buy new shares outside your pie and import that position into your pie


the point of having the pie was to automate all of that, sort of defeats the point in doing it all manually. just get rid of the pie and do it.

I’ve removed all pies now. We should just be able to have a pie, add an amount we want to spread it over and let it get on with it.