Missing elements in Beta version (web)

Beta version (web) is awesome, it actually got closer to my needs, already fulfilled several feature request I still have not even submitted. I would love anyway.

But there are missing elements that actually made it useless for me in its current state:

No live Buy/Sell Price in Basic nor Advanced Chart View.

The lack of Instant Buy/Sell button is not cardinal but it could be useful.

Open Positions and Pending Orders are also not at hand.

In Split Layout, no drag’n’drop function for charts. The List Solution is practically a misconception, it messes up the layout.

Buy/Sell Dialog Panels are not movable like in the Old App.

Anyways, the new app is a jewel. :slight_smile:

(Screenshots from demo account btw)

There is a live result on beta web app advanced view homepage (see bottom right above)

There is also open positions and pending orders on beta web app advanced view homepage (3rd tab in from left on above)

If you open the charts in the beta web app advanced view homepage (rather than searching them and clicking advanced chart like I think you have) you can see things like buy/sell prices and buy/sell buttons, as well as details of your position in that stock (see above)

Is this not what you mean? Or are you talking about actually within the chart itself? Apologies if I misunderstood you

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Oh, you are in the Old App. It’s about the New Beta App. :slight_smile:

I recall that there was a buy and sell button at one point but it seems it was removed for some reason.

Yeah. Practically every broker’s UI has an instant Buy/Sell button…

No… those screenshots are from the new beta web app advanced view as I said in my message - they are not from the old app

close the popup, go to the far left side of the screen and where you see the home button click the arrow next to it, get off standard and use the advanced view.

Yes, the Advanced View is what doesn’t contain them, as you can see on my screenshot above. Or please attach a screenshot where you see it, maybe it’s a bug that we don’t see the same UI. :slight_smile:

you don’t see it because you are using the pop up, that is on the standard view, you are not on advanced view. the screenshots @ryan9921 posted above are the advanced view, not the old app and not standard view.

advanced view is NOT the advanced chart button under the graph.

I see. I mean I see but I don’t see it. :smiley: Would you please show me where to switch to the Advanced View, not Advanced Chart (popup)? As you can see on this screenshot, there’s only 1 find for the word “Advanced”, and that’s for the popup chart.


Click on the home button and select advanced view rather than standard view

As you see on the recent screenshot, I’m on the Home Screen. Where’s that button?

hover over the button a small arrow appears to the right of it:

Yay I found it, thanks! It’s quite hidden. :smiley: You’re my man! Now please, help me with telling where to get the Live Buy/Sell Price. Screenshot from the Old App is below the below.

Képernyőfotó 2021-03-03 - 14.11.47

The tab called Details

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 13.16.55

Thanks! It also turned to a quite minor data but it’s really there, after a huge scroll-down. :slight_smile:

on details, for positions you have the prices will be near the top, for those you do not yet have a position in, minimise company detail and look near the bottom of the instrument details box.

there are still a few tweaks in the works for the UI I believe so everything will be ironed out in due time.

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Now as I found everything I need (thanks to you guys), I’m glad I won’t be forced to leave Trading 212. I’d hate that. :slight_smile: