Missing EQ option for old CFD only accounts

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will there be a possibility in the near future that there will be an ‘EQ’ option for CFD only accounts?; without having the need to open another account just to be able to use this feature.

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What exactly is EQ? Newbie here.

the old accounts were around before new regulations came into play. as such everyone had to remake their accounts in order to access the Invest and ISA Equity accounts.

No matter how long you wait you wont get access because it is due to a change in regulations that forces T212 to have users remake their accounts.

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Do we have to go through ID verification process again?

yes, this will need to be redone. but at just a bank statement to prove residency and either passport or drivers license photo’s to prove identity, it won’t cause any real issues.

normally the verification would be done by the next day, but currently due to the influx of new clients, expect a few days before the process completes.

if you contact the team directly, they will be able to guide you through everything to cause as little disruption as possible.

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