Missing stocks tbc

Hi, we need a new category AR. And AR stocks added such as NexCF and HUD manufacturers. Auto AR and Foled screen manufacturers should be added. Also why is there no analyst sell hold buy recommendations against stocks? Or penny stock category? Thank you


If you can list the tickers then it’ll be added at some point.

No technicals atm, I don’t think it’s in development but would be a nice addition

Think it may count as giving financial advice? Which Trading 212 aren’t allowed to do. Might be ok, seems like a grey area. Like on one side it’s not their own opinion, they’re just supplying other people’s, but it may also look like they’re giving ratings to stocks saying whether to buy or sell which is a big no no

Pls can QQQ and SPY be added (etfs)

Hi, some ETFs rqd please: ETF: DRIV, ARKQ, SPY, IDRV, KARS,

use EQQQ instead of QQQ it’s the same and VUSA or CSP1 instead of SPY.

IDRV I don’t think is available to EU.

We already have ECAR thought

Also not UCITS compliant

Also interested in $NEXCF