MMTLP to be traded

MMTLP is currently OTC and was stated that it should not be tradeable, but with the merger due to be completed soon, the price is expected to rise. And with a potential higher liquidity, I’d like the opportunity to be a able to sell my shares should I want to. If it could become tradable and have chart updates that would be great.

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The instrument is only listed to Over-the-counter “grey” offerings, where we can’t source an official price from an exchange. So, we won’t be able to facilitate trading with the instrument for the time being.

I’ll update the thread if anything changes down the road.


Your intermediary is IBKR and you can sell Mmtlp there. Everyone holding mmtlp on Trading 212 wants the sell option available.

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Is there any update on this please? The price of mmtlp has shot up recently and i’m concerned that we will miss out if this instrument isn’t tradable soon. Majority of other brokers are allowing trading of this stock.

Sell orders with Meta Materials - Preferred share/MMTLP are now supported. Shareholders can close their positions with the instrument if they see fit.

Thank you for the update, was interested to see it have its price updated earlier and wondered if it was for this.