Mobile App - Homescreen: Portfolio Tab

Mobile app homescreen should be the Portfolio Tab rather than Watchlist.

Think about the customer journey/JBTD (and the desired user behaviour - more app usage/investment?). The current design is optimised for a JTBD of ‘buy a stock’ with a customer journey which runs something like:

  1. Customer thinking about buying a stock
  2. Customer adds to the watchlist
  3. Time passes
  4. Customer decides to buy a stock
  5. Open the app
  6. Click stock in watchlist
  7. Click buy

However I think it much more likely that the JTBD is more like ‘have financial security’ (top of a hierarchy which looks something like have financial security > grow net worth > make investments in stocks > buy a stock).

By targeting a JTBD which is higher in the stack you get a better customer journey and more natural landing point. A customer journey could look something like:

  1. Customer thinking about financial security
  2. Customer opens app to see how portfolio is performing
  3. Customer clicks on current investment
  4. Customer places a buy/sell order

Rather than having ‘investments’ and ‘pies’ as the tabs on the portfolio screen it would make more sense for the journey to have pending orders and alerts (per web app). The pies and watchlists could then be added as their own areas with icons at the bottom of the screen

This model would also give T212 a structure which made more sense for expansion into new products and revenue lines:

  • Cross sell other products relevant to financial security (admittedly an overplayed theme at the moment)
  • Track total net worth, even a simple MVP with manual data entry by the customer gives T212 richer data on customers (and a view of how much wallet/investment share T212 has)
  • Start offering finance eg margin loan in the Invest product
  • Execution for other assets eg bonds, commodities, crypto, etc