Money Transfer not in my account


On 30.06 I did a transfer of 750€ to my Trading212 account but the money is still not in my account.
I sent already multiple emails to clarify this matter but I havent get any helpfull reply from T212.
I want to have my money into my Account or if you are unable to do it, then send me my money back. My Bank did investigations and the money on the T212 Bank Account with BarclayBank.
So be carefull with T212. Next week I will give a Order to my Lawyer to Deal with this issue. T212 has lost all the reputation. T212 is not a trustfull trader platform.

José Martinez

Don’t worry I will flag this post for attention by staff. Sit tight until they get back to you.

@Team212 @Tony.V

If you are using bank wire, I can assure you, never had a single issue with T212.

Problems can occur if Bank account holder name is not identical to T212 account holder, or if reference number is missing can delay transaction.

But I am sure t212 team will sort it out for you.

Cheers :beers:

I can see that our team is working on your case. Please excuse the provoked delay - we’ll make sure to handle the matter with priority. You can be confident that funds will be either allocated in your account or will be refunded back in case that there is a significant mismatch, as suggested by @Vedran

I’ve never had an issue ever. You’re understandably panicking and who can blame you? . However, I’d suggest you to…Take it easy … You will get your money on your account in no time. Just in case though… Check your bank. It must be a glitch or something… No need to call the lawyers.,:rofl: