Multiple Stock Request

Hello community,

Please i would like this instruments/stocks added to the platform as there appear to be disruptive in there verious fields. Tencent the developers behind tik-tok, others and have acquired iqiyi [IQ].
Axos has been one of the leading fin-tech in the US since 1999 and continue to innovate.
Atlantica focused on sustainable infrastructure that generates stable cash flow.

Axos Financial, Inc. NYSE: AX

Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc, NASDAQ: AY

Tencent Holdings, OTC: TCEHY

Thanks i await your response ASAP.
Uche Lawrence



Bytedance own Tiktok.

Tencent don’t own iQiyi they are in talks to buy Baidus position though.

But nevermind. T212 don’t have access to over the counter markets yet so you won’t see it until that is resolved.

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Thanks @Donald_Duck you’re correct I made an error. Hopefully tencent makes out of OTC, I believe there one to watch out for. What do you think of Octopus Renewables [LSE] [ORIT]?

My thoughts on ORIT are the fees are ridiculous and I think you could do better just buying INRG and waiting imo.

I’m going to be honest that is a good pick and i’ll do further study on the ETF- INRG. the energy sector especially clean or renewable with current progression are best buy and keep stocks. thanks again @Donald_Duck