My thoughts so far on Trading 212...

As a relatively new trader (two years) I have found the whole Trading 212 experience to be quite positive over the past two weeks with just a few minor grievances.

I recently purchased a one month subscription of Scanz specifically for their excellent live news feed; I would estimate ninety percent of CFC stocks I’ve searched with positive news are not available on Trading 212! This basically makes the Scanz news feed redundant.

The solution (I’m guessing) would be to use a DMA broker?

Another annoying small issue is the desktop platform insists of defaulting to the light theme every time I sign out! I’m guessing that’s probably an issue with my Firefox browser cookies.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You’ve probably heard the saying that it pays to shop around. All brokers have their own perks, and some sit behind a paywall. You might not find any that meet your exact needs, without having to pay higher fees as a result.

Everyone you’ll find on this forum has different needs, and I don’t think there is a one size fits all.


I’m using Chrome and the theme keeps randomly switching back to the light one for me as well.

Welcome to the community, @buzztop - glad to see you’re happy with the service so far :pray:

Just to let you know, I’ve escalated this for further check and will update the thread once I’ve got a solution.

@topher, I’ve sent you a DM. Please check your inbox :mailbox:

Reverting the theme to the default one is not expected behavior, and this might be caused due to the device settings. We’d suggest the following:

  1. Not to delete the cookies (or have any extensions deleting them)
  2. Use the same browser previously used to set the theme in the web app
  3. Not to use incognito/private browsing mode
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T212 looks free but they hide a lot of their charges

Not everything is as it seems

Analyse everything carefully

Go on then. List them.

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I’ll start for you!

  • Instant deposit methods, 0.7% above 2000£/€/$ (network fees passed along the customer)
  • Forex conversation fees, 0.15% on Buy/Sell, waived on dividends
  • And err…
  1. Fees
    I haven’t found any hidden fees so far. The rest of the fees that are not so hidden are very acceptable.

  2. Stocks / ETF
    A lot of stocks and ETFs available.
    What’s more important though… is the fact that T212 adds stocks and ETFs /if eligable/ upon request, so if i itch to buy something specific which i can’t find with other brokers they add them!

  3. options trading
    well… none of that… but probably for the best :smiley:
    would still love to gamble with some options whenever i feel like trading for a downfall though.
    CFDs are availble if you want to short something… but i prefer options.