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Hi Guys

Firstly I have been using Trade 212 for a couple of months now and overall have found it a great platform to day trade and invest from.

I am concerned about the new BETA web app however - it seems to be a huge drop down in terms of the level of information accessible on the home screen and general functionality overall.

I need to be able to easily see the movements of my investments throughout my portfolio along with the relevant charting in one window - functionality like that presented in the ‘Investment panel’ (buy price, current price, % return, indication of movements up and down, dates of stock purchase etc) and that presented in 'Todays Stats and ‘Change panel’.

These are crucial basic tools needed to be able to make judgements about investments and as far as I can see that functionality has been stripped out entirely? Unless its pending or I have missed it?

Having to open a pop out widow to see advanced charting is a cumbersome additional step that might work for a tablet app but for a web interface it seems unnecessary.

So it seem that basically it’s looks sleek as a tablet or phone app but the functionality for a web interface is has been stripped out and is now very basic. Could we please have middle ground here?

Is there opportunity to maintain a more fully functioning investment platform on web and then a simplified version on the app?



Firstly great first post, coherent and useful. (Usual first posts we see either ask for ark ETFs or why am I 1% down while the stock is 1% up)

Second I wholly agree the new web app is a step backwards. I had my own rant about it recently


I completely concur.


Totally agree, a huge step backwards for transparency and information accessibility


Thanks @kali for the welcome and the comments and @MikeC and ukgmal for your agreement here. Do we have an idea how far along the app is or if any previous feedback has been considered?

It’s that much of a concern that tbh I am already actively looking for alternatives where the functionality v fee’s trade off seems less of an issue now than when I first started trading a few months ago.

And I think that highlights a glaring flaw in the business plan - which seems to be to make the app super simple to enable on boarding of new ‘robin hood’ style users very quick and easy - but anyone with any savvy will very quickly want a much detailed and comprehensive analysis of the trading environment they are operating in.

So in effect Trading 212 will train up newbies and within a short amount of time anyone with any decent cash to trade/invest will off and up to a more sophisticated platform? Seems really counter intuitive to be boxing in a target customer base of 18 year old’s with limited resource and twitchy app fingers?

We are developing an advanced mode of the new app which will cover all bases of the old app + improvements.


Thanks @George, that’s reassuring.

I have to agree with @umitrade that without the ‘advanced’ features, users will migrate to platforms that do have them after they’ve become more sophisticated off the back of T212. I’ve was literally looking at alert services just before this reply, and as you’ll probably know, with alert services come platforms…

Thanks for information @George. If you are stripping out functionality from the existing platform I’m assuming this is going to be the ‘basic’ version which will still be free and then the functionality as it is currently becomes the advanced version which you will charge for? Any idea what the fee might look like - will it be monthly subscription or trade based? (not trying to out you here - just seems like a logical move - I like the platform and genuinely advanced, easy to use features might be worth paying for)

Afaik T212 is aiming to be sufficient without fees/subscriptions. Thus expectation is to have Advanced mode free of charge.

@Vedran that would be a huge plus!

Advanced mode will be free! :slight_smile:


Hats off @George - if it has the same (or better!) functionality then that will be a great move. Very much looking forward to seeing the advanced options. Any idea of roll out of that?

It should be out in about 1 month. I know I’ve said the same 1 month ago, unfortunately, that was too optimistic and we’ll need more time.


Hi George, is there any update on the timeline for advanced mode?

Many thanks


Since no one is replying in the stop loss and take profit thread. Will these be options available as they are in CFDs in the Invest account?


Any update on this feature George?