New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 13th Jan, '21)

Unlessing I’m going LT, I steer clear.

LMND was massive test and exercise in patience for me, but I wouldn’t compare Affirm to them.

I still cant open a position. See my screenshot below. Any ideas?

It’s not live yet. 20 chars

Be aware if you are really market buying it’s likely to open 90+, not the 30 something. I’m expecting a huge drop but who knows.

Not open for retail yet. I’ll hazard a guess there will be an in-app notification when it’s available but @David can perhaps confirm.

How about motorsports IPO. It has also opened 80% above valuation. There is some pattern to these IPOs

95 :crazy_face:

Holy crap… so like a market cap of ~24 billion

Yes but it should all be expected by now if you’ve follwoed a few and understand how they work - has been explained on here more times than I can count tbf.

Of course yes. I was responding to @phildawson comments earlier regarding very high opening values than listed price and wondering if a similar pattern with motorsports as well. Cheers.

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The pattern is they are greedy. Simple as that. Can we push it higher, yep.

The market cap for this is insane but apparently people are prepared to pay $100 a share, and it’s somehow worth 24 billion.

Held in AH too

Joey_Fantana would you update your list to inlcude this, please ?

@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen
Please add this stock. Common stock is already available.

Landcadia Holdings III, Inc (LCY). It has been requested 20 days ago and there are already three people have requested it.

With SPAC the ability to strike earlier when the price is still around NAV is very important.

Thanks in advance

Thanks @adindas - it seems there are quite a few in this boat, but as I’ve been checking IB regularly the issue seems to be at their end.

I’ve added a bunch that should be commons by now to the morning request, and also messaged IBKR to ensure they’re updated on their side too.

See what we get.

EDIT: Don’t knwo if they’ve seen my message already but just checked their platform again and it’s now available… only 2 months late!

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Joey_Fantana, Great Thanks You are the man

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Good morning Joey
Is there any additional to ETF from the US side I only see we have from London and europe
Thanks in advance

Hi Rosh

We can’t invest in US ETFs as they are not compliant with EU and EEA regulation.

Hope that helps.


Hi there new here sorry to bother but I was wondering when VCVC will be added thanks @Joey_Fantana

Weird one, as I thought it had been added - I’ll raise tomorrow mate. :+1:t2:

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