New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 22nd July)

4pm is when the NYSE closes, therefore I guess it may mean that it in fact starts at opening the next day ie. Today.

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I think normally these stocks come on at around 4pm UK time. Seen a few IPO at that time like clockwork.
I watch marketwatch, and as soon as a price is displayed I refresh my T212 until it shows. Worked well on lemonade.

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@David @Martin @PeterA

As far as I am aware the PSTH will only be available as a unit when they IPO so not quite sure why this is being listed as other recently IPOed SPACs are being delisted till common stocks are available. I would love to trade the instrument but do not want to be forced to sell it later on. I just don’t see the difference in reasoning for the other SPACs being delisted while allowing PSTH to be listed. Would be great help if you could explain the reasoning for allowing this to be listed! Hope you have a nice day!


PSTH will be listed as a common stock at some point not only as a unit. Therefore, we will provide an access to the common stock security as long as Interactive Brokers offer it.


That is great to hear thank you for the clarification!

Hi @Martin, does this mean that you are adding it onto T212 today but that we won’t be able to invest in PSTH until the warrants have been executed and it is split into a “normal” share? Or will we be able to invest in it on the same day that it goes live on the stock exchange? (Which seems to be today) Has IB solved the issue with the warrants?

If they addded it, i’d imagine it’s going live today. I reckon it will be live in 15 mins to 30 mins.


is already trading PSTH but on Td212 is still unnavabile

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PSTH.U is a unit that consists of common stock & warrants, that’s what’s available today. We can’t provide warrants, so we’re holding off until PSTH common stock is available.

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How about JAMF @Martin

any time projection on that?

Okay, so as I understand it we will have to wait until the “common stock” is available, probably a few months (I don’t know the date for when the share becomes an independent unit).

Is this an automatic process or do we need to request PSTH to be “activated” for buying/selling when its common stock becomes available?

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Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly that’ll happen. The last few IPOs I’ve followed have taken at least 2-3 hours after markets open. The moment the IPO’s live to everyone, you’ll be able to invest. This doesn’t depend on us.

There’s no need for activation, right after it turns into a common stock, you’ll be able to trade.


It would be ideal if we could at least do a limit buy on these - literally have to sit waiting and at this point we have no idea when and how much it will be when it hits. Pretty sure those that are interested know what they think is a good price and what they’re willing to pay.


Good, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:.

I missed quite a few IPO’s in the past and like the sound of this one.

It is a case of just sit watching and waiting for it to become common stock??

On webull it says 200.00m still “pending…“

It’s not like you can set an alert or anything :woman_shrugging:t2: Case of watching and waiting but for how long…novice and thinking minutes or hours but reality days and weeks? Surely not?

Yea, we really could do with this.
Not for lack of trying :slightly_frowning_face:

PSTH showed up in a search result just now, with no graph. But on reloading the website and the app it no longer appears in a search.

What’s going on?

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Vanished here too. What is going on T212?