New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 23rd Sept)

Is it normal that i cant trade Corsair gaming or GDRX yet?

Yes, trading hasn’t begun on this stock yet. Need to monitor throughout the afternoon. Should be in the next hour or so.

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Thanks, will monitor it too!

As you can see the price is currently still $0.00. Eventually you’ll see a price show up and that will signal the beginning of trading, however you might get declined initially as pre-determined institutional business takes place first (essentailly that was going on yesterday and needs to be executed today before retail goes in). So you might see the price increase before you can buy.



Uh… @David :eyes:

Bargain! @Joey_Fantana :laughing:

should be sorted soon as its trading on webull for $41+

Thanks again for the CFD love :fireworks:

@Joey_Fantana Working on it.


Hi - can you please add ETM? I’ve repeatedly been asking about this now and no one has responded to my thread

Can you also add SPI Energy to CFD please?