New Web App for Invest & ISA

I know there is an advanced chart.

But I think even the basic bare bones “noob” chart should have some sort of date indicator.

For example that peak in Team Viewer below. I wanted to check which month that was by hovering over with the mouse. No info popped up.

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@pipo that info is available on press. We will change it to activate on hover so it is easier to access.


didnt even know you could press down on it.

pretty handy…maybe we could enable it as a feature… to have either option? Is there a list / cheat sheet of these hidden little features?

Hello there,

everything is perfect now well done!
Just you lack about chart improvement, you put the chart just from the day you have insert the company into trading 212 such as PEMBINA Pipelines (PBA), there is no a view options such as 1 month, 3, 6 , YTD, 1 year, 3, 5 and all.
There is no possibility to set how many days or weeks to view, such as the classic 52 days views chart. You can choose 1d and then put 52 in a specific field.

Just let me know what if you think.

You can find an example of an amazing chart:

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Would you guys be allowing us to see individual orders on the chart rather than one average price line?

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Something to hopefully improve for the CFD side:

Currently unable to type negative numbers into the stop loss screen. (“result” field). It only accepts positive if you type a number.

The only way to get to negative is by constantly clicking the up / down buttons until you get to the figure you want.

And the “distance” field isn’t editable at all (while it is editable on mobile…). Would be good to be able to edit this too.


edit: now the distance is editable, but the price is not editable.

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Be good to have the default ‘home’ screen display all open charts, as before.

Now, to get to that screen, one has to click on a random ‘Advanced chart’ button only to then have to close that same random chart once the screen opens.

Also, would like to be able to close the right-hand info panel on the chart screen (like before) as it takes up space.

Sorry if this has been said above (TLDR).

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Oh boy, I’m so sorry. I’ve been giving it a quick spin for the first time for Snowflake IPO and - again, I’m sorry - there’s just too many clicks to get around, principally because there are now more screens to navigate.

When on ‘Advanced charts’, the share summary is no longer there - one has to close it and ‘look underneath’… and then scroll to see profit/loss etc. This is a major downer (for me, at least).
[edit] Specifically, I mean a summary of all shares owned.

I’m a dev myself and appreciate the work that’s gone into this, believe me, I do, but whilst there is more info, better presented, the usability (and accessibility) has taken a back seat on this.

In summary: too many clicks.

Please don’t close the ‘old’ web app… pretty please :pray:

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this isn’t feedback for just the new web app, but old one too but can someone help me out here with the math? i’m happy with the extra money but i need someone to crush my dreams lol


The Trading 212 platform is fantastic. I trade on the ISA/Invest side of the platform and I would like the following to make my experience better:

  1. Pre market
    There is no need to allow pre-market trading - however this would be great! but charting the after hours and pre-market price movement would be very handy when planning trades.

  2. Orders
    I understand that it is possible to do this on the CFD side of the platform, but there are very limited options here for the day trader, or swing trader. I personally would love to be able to have a stop loss and take profit on the same batch of shares. This is a very basic option, as is a trailing stop loss, which is also not offered. This would also be useful for investors in the PIE who can have full automation of their share dealings.

  3. Level 2
    This as a paid extra would be fantastic.

  4. VWAP
    I know it is being worked on, but it is a really powerful indicator!

  5. Darkening of the Screen
    When you are planning on exiting a trade, and are watching price action - if you click on sell and confirm the shares you want to sell, the screen darkens. It makes it quite hard to see the charts and it would be good if you could turn this feature off, or give the option to turn it off. I think it might happen when buying stock too.

These are very personal to my style of trading, but I thought I would mention them as the rest of the platfrom is great! Thanks


Snowflake looks very sick on the one minute chart. Stuck to the top of the screen and all squashed. I’m zoomed in to the max in this screenshot. Untradeable. Can you please fix this for the new advanced CFD chart?

One minute chart from TradingView for comparison:

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Having the stock viewing window pop-up when the user presses on the stock in the pie chart! Currently there is no active functionality for this action and in my opinion this would super intuitive. Thank you guys for your amazing work!


I think most people block pop-ups / don’t like them , not sure they are good practice.

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Having the search page ‘remember’ where you were would be very useful when clicking through tabs. Rather than defaulting to show Tesla etc at the top


mine was fine - tomorrow will be fun if today made +111%

Try and zoom in on the last few candles.

Just trying the new webpage for the first time,
How do i see what my investments are?
on the old version they were all listed at the bottom of the screen with buy price profit etc but now i cant see them at all?

I miss this feature too. I think they said they will be adding it back in.

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If you have any cash in pies it shows like this. Check all your pies for cash.

Hello @George,

The new UI looks interesting but there are some missing features that would be cool to have added in a future update.

Investment vs Profit
It would be nice to have a line of the current investment (money added to the account) vs market value (see image below)

Spreadsheets are still important
As @Alex.Santos mentioned above it would be very useful to still have access to this view (the basic spreadsheet clean table view). Maybe have a button on the left had side bellow the home and pies icons (sidebar menu buttons)?