New Web App for Invest & ISA

is there a timeline on this, and do you expect to charge for it?

It will be free as well.


Could we get the ability to drag the candles down? Like in Trading View. They are currently stuck at the very top of the screen. It would be nice to be able to drag it down. There’s a lot of free space in the area where I drew the red arrow.

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a bit of feedback here as it’s been making me scratch my head. but you see my pie’s value is actually 301.29 but right at the bottom it neglects the cash sitting in it too. kind of misleading if you ask me as the cash should count towards my goal too. no?

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Too many clicks to buy/sell (and now to view tabs, too).

Great to have more than 9-tabs, but not keen on having them now as an overlay.

But main gripe is jumping through hurdles to make a buy or sell - wish the functions could be in their own panel.

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Yes, you are right, thanks for pointing that out, we will fix it :slight_smile:

A hacker trying to break the system :pirate_flag:

or just a poor guy trying to copy the ETF name into a spreadsheet :slight_smile:


mocks of advance platform…are there any?

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Could you add, in addition to the percentage of profit as shown on the screen, also the percentage of profit without currency exchange? Besides that, you could also add the percentage of profit by making this calculation: Current value of the portfolio minus the total deposited?

Agree with both, have requested before for total FX impact in portfolio and each pie, and for a total deposited graph with total return, which seems more important and a more consistent graph than the portfolio graph

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Loved the new features and happy that you are keeping on improving the platform.

Maybe it was already mentioned but there are 2 things that would be very nice to be added on both mobile and web version:

1 - Having a “Today’s gain/loss” figure;
2 - Be able to sort the instruments in our portfolio by gain/loss (both % and £), Number of shares, Day change (both % and £).

You should contact me to be the project manager :joy:


For the new CFD web app update, can you make swap fees visible alongside your positions?

I requested this feature already here: Make CFD swap fee more visible

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ooo, you know what else i miss, those pointers showing values at particular times on basic charts and portfolio return charts when you move your finger over it on the mobile app. would be great to see that replicated with a mouse pointer on the new web app.

If you click whilst over the charts it will show this :+1:


hovering might be better actually :grin:

FR - Consolidation of investments in the investment / pie section.

Can we remove the investments that are in pies from the “investment” section. We have a list of our pie investments when clicking into the pie, as we’re unable sell the position untill we remove from the pie anyways.

Having the pie investments clogs up the investment section with my investments outside of my pies. – so having investments outside of pies only in the investment section.

Nice! I have to admit it feels unusual, but that’s just human. It’s certainly clean and has more potential to go further.

I am suprising myself by how the advanced charts disappoint me. I wished these were not overlays. I also liked the right sidebar with the company information. Somehow I expected all new (at least new on web) company data to show up there.

On the portfolio screen, I would love to have more responsive support for large screens, e.g. wider chart, some of the boxes falling into a third column or even free placement of the widgets.

I would find it nice to have a section to create and download/print some reports… IMO the “History” is a bit insufficient… There you just see the total return… Everything apart from that has to be done manually… It is a pain in the a**** to navigate through every single transaction summing up the returns. I think the minimum what all of us will need is an annual listing of the sellings and its returns… I am having nightmares thinking of my tax-back…


@Kosta @George can you please tell if you have a timeline for this feature? :pray: