No option to make Pies

Hello everyone,

How do i make a Pie? Its the main reason i decided to switch broker but i cant see the option to make one in the IOS app or online. Is there a special setting i need to turn on or something? I have followed all the instructions provided online but in the second tab (the investments tab) there is nothing, i can click to see ISA utilisation but that’s it, and the same on the invest account.

Ive emailed support but no help or reply yet and i want to get it set up as this sell of continues so i can easily keep adding shares.

Also im wondering how pies work if you have stocks which do not support fractional shares? do they round to the nearest possible amount?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @TheManWithNoPlan welcome to the forum. There is a thread dedicated to Autoinvest & pies and this gives you all the information you need. At the bottom of the first post there is a sign up link. At the moment only fractional shares work with pies.