Not able to click "confirm changes" on an position - CFD

Hi all,

I wanted to see if anyone has had the problem I have with making changes to a position you have on CFDs:

  • Set up a stop loss on a position
  • Tried to make changes (or in my case click the toggle button to cancel the stop loss)
  • The “Confirm changes” button would not highlight and thus not allowing me to confirm

Previously I have had issues such as:

  • Changing the distance on a stop loss leads the price to become 0 (or vice versa) leading me not being able to confirm changes
  • The distance being “too small” which stops me from putting a limit on - although this changes very randomly. Sometimes for the same share it has a “too small” and other times I can have whatever limit I want

Note that I frequently use the stop loss and have made a lot of trades since joining the platform.

Unfortunately the response I had was - “I do not have any data so that I can further investigate. Please make sure to contact us if you face the same situation again”.

Whilst I have lost a small amount, it is the response and lack of accountability that I do not like. Given the numerous of issues I have experienced since I have joined, I will probably be thinking of searching for another provider.

@David - do you know if this has been an issue for anyone else.