Not seeing recent Buy/Sell orders in my History

Hey guys, I just sold some stocks but am not seeing anything in my History. Normally it would show up right away in the history tab, is there maybe some sort of a delay today?


same for me

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 14.50.42

My unity sale is not showing

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Ah great, thought it was just on my end. Hoping someone from @Trading212 sees this.

@PeterA @David

@Traderbynight Working on it.


Thank you for the quick response David :smile:

Thanks for the update!

Same here. Thanks for checking

Thanks for the update. Nice to know it’s not just me and the team is all over it.

Same here. Pie order all executed. No history added.

I made two transactions today.
Nothing in my History section.
Any idea why ?
(I don’t remember having any delays before)
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Known issue. Is being worked on. See above.

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@chantal Thank you :slight_smile:

Same here. The app’s seemed slower and more buggy in general lately.

Probably getting DDOS or the hamsters are not being fed.

Thanks! Closed positions are displayed again :+1:t2:

Bought orders also. Thanks.

Haha , good one.

You do realise most well know internet connected companies constantly suffering from DDOS or similar attacks at all times, and I don’t believe for one second that an entity that is regulated by the FCA would get away with being run from someone’s spare room.

Can’t see a sold share in History tab. This started to happen today.-

have you tried refreshing the page?

I get the occasional transactions that occurs without any notification until I refresh and then it is there.

I’m on the App (iOS). Restarted the app, the phone … :pensive: