Notification spam

Apologies, after not posting or visiting so long, I am back here with a bit of a whinge.

I sincerely hope there are one or two developers reading this, and I know from experience it’ll be hard to convince tards in a marketing department that “showing a popup on every page to your own signed up customers is a bad idea” is a challenge. (I know this is not a popup in every page, but I am quoting this example from my experience as literally as possible)

And it is about these random spams I(we?) get in “notifications” I honestly genuinely don’t care about 99.99% of these and even if they are valuable to some people, can it be separated to some other menu? or filtered? (I’d rather have them completely gone, but I’m sure there’ll be someone saying they find these random headlines useful)

I cannot understand how this contributes either to company or user. I just logged in after not logging for a few weeks wanted to see the dividends here and instead I have to sift through this random garbage.

AND if there really is something important you want to “notify” like a T&C change, it’ll get lost in this pile of marketing


Have mentioned this (volatility alerts) at least twice on here.

Nothing has changed …


Just trade the opposite direction to the Alert. They usually arrive at the end of a rally lol.


As long as there’s an option to turn it off I’m happy but I have yet to find such an option

T&C change notifications also lands on your email inbox so you cant miss it imo

I have complained about these several times also. I asked for a way to switch them off as they are completely pointless to myself. I was told there was no way to do so and they do not intend to make it an option.

Currently, you can disable push notifications for specific notification types, including volatility alerts. Unfortunately, there’s no option to disable specific in-app notifications, but we’ll add that option soon.


I’ve disabled volatility alerts - but that doesn’t stop them. This has been the same through all iterations of the app.

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Can I please opt out of news notifications?

I’m really not interested in what other companies are doing. The notifications on my phone and when I launch T212 on my computer are really annoying and distracting.

I would love to hide the social tab too, or at the very least not get any notifications or updates from it.

Again, I could really do without all the extra stuff that generates noise and adds no value.

Slightly off topic: it reminds of the old competition between Google and Yahoo search engines. The Yahoo search engine was cluttered with news, weather, stocks, etc. whilst Google focused and perfected the one thing we were there for. I think T212 needs to be more like that and double down on the core of the business.

These extra ‘accessories’ can be added to the community site. There’s no need to jampack & slow down the trading app and website with noise.

Just my two cents.
I appreciate the hard work that’s gone into making T212 the platform it is today.
Great customer service by the way! Very responsive, friendly, and effective!

Thank you!


@ViorelBoeru I’m 100% with you on this.

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100% onboard with this as well. It makes no sense to get notifications about random stocks you don’t care about

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FWIW I, at no point, mentioned mobile application.

I was talking about web ui (was hoping it was obvious from screenshot)
I can see how it’s a lot more annoying in the mobile app, nonetheless it makes this answer utterly irrelevant.

Happy cake day, kali!
Hopefully the team will give you a present. :wink:

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