Notification times are (crazy) wrong

(Shouldn’t there be an issue/bugs forum for stuff like this?)

Bought DKNG within a couple mins of the US opening. Got stopped-out within the first 10 mins. Notifications were delayed but also the times of execution are wrong.

Bought time (wrong):


Sold/stop time (wrong):


The confirmation notifications are sent with a slight delay currently. Regardless, this doesn’t affect the order execution timing.

In other words: an order gets executed at the best available price, and a few moments later notification is sent. The time displayed in the screenshot above is the time when the notification was received.

P.S. Excuse me for initially merging the post into another thread.

Thank you, you’re forgiven :smiley: . Just wanted to make you aware.

I should’ve also mentioned that it was in the advanced beta web-app.