November Stocks Bundle - Now Live!

Hi @David. Any chance to add the GMK Noril’skiy nikel’ PAO (GDR). Thanks.


Hi @David, Could you please add MONRF?

Thanks a lot @David :+1:

Any news on when these additions are going to get fractional variants?

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I really hope most of them can go fractional, but for many, especially in AIM, I don’t think will happen. Too few daily movements. I hope I am wrong

Can you put them in the search all? I don’t wanna be writing to see if a stock is there, sometimes I like to see if there are stocks I might like in the browser

Just updated the Trading212 Stock Spreadsheet…

It’s a raw dump from the website, no editing. So there might be duplicates or a few errors. But might be easier to search. Might not.

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@Old.Man Aiming to do it for all securities by the end of the year.



I’m trying to build a pie with ETFs which are both accumulating and in GBX (to avoid the change in FX rates). Advice regarding my suggestions below would be really helpful.

Could the following ETFs be added:

  • VUAG - could we get a fractional version of this as I currently can’t add this to my pie.
  • RBTX - I currently have RBOT but that’s in USD.
  • INRG - Is there an accumulating version of this? If so, please can it be added.
  • ECAR - Is there a GBX version of this? If so, please can it be added.


There is no other INRG, sadly. And also ECAR is only available in USD.

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Ahh man, that’s a shame! But thank you for confirming!

for vuag alternative I think you can use VUSA

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I have had a look at VUSA before but I couldn’t find if it was accumulating or not. Do you know if its accumulating?

No it is actually distributing quarterly. For the accumulating you can check SPXP with ISIN:IE00B3YCGJ38 and this is accumulating

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@David Could you please add Sberbank of Russia (SBRCY)? Unfortunately, it didnt make it into the big otc markets update last month. Thanks a lot!

(Imho the bast bank bargain there is right now)

EDIT: Just found your answer about “penny stock exempt” in another thread, so nevermind. Though I don’t understand how it’s not “qualified”.

Would it be possible to add “Reliance Industries” (RIGD GDR) traded in LSE.

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@David There are multiple requests to add this share.
It is also available in IBKR.
I’m not clear why is this still not added.