NYSE: DIDI (stock request)

Hey guys,

Can we get DiDi (transport company) please?

Ticker: DiDi


Hi @SidePassive

We already have the instrument in question DiDi Global, Inc., with a ticker DIDI available on the platform. The stock is traded on NYSE as well.

If you are referring to another instrument, please share with us the full name of it.

Hey Hris,

I just checked and it’s not available on the ISA account but is on the normal invest account. Can we get it on the ISA account please?

many chinese stocks aren’t available in the ISA, something about the ISA regulations not dependent on T212


Didi Global inc is an ADR stock. Following the HMRC regulations for stocks and shares investments, instruments should meet specific criteria to be held in the ISA, which the ADRs do not meet.

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