Official proof of address not accepted [Solved]


Recently, as proof of address, I have uploaded official proof of address issued by the Croatian govenment and got rejected by the T212 saying it is not a valid proof of addres. This document is a valid proof in all of EU and beyond. The document is a few days old. T212 MUST accept this under law and by rejecting the document, they are breaking said law.

What should I do? And, no, I do not have any utility bills or bank statements nor do I have a way of aquiring them.

Thank you in advance for the response

I think your best bet would be dealing with T212 by email on this matter. - I believe is the contact email for ID queries.

Best to do it via email than on a public forum I think.
Hope that helps :v:

Ok, thank you for the response! I will email them right away

I am not sure if T212 accepts Revolut statement, but one can freely create Revolut account as Croatian citizen and have address statement provided.

But like @adm mentioned best to reach out directly.

That’s a good idea. I’ll try that if contacting support does not work

@matijabacic Indeed the best way to discuss the matter is by reaching us at Nonetheless, I can see that your account is now verified - enjoy!

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Yes, the issue is resolved. Thank you all for your help! :blush:

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