Onboarding for EU residents has begun

nice to hear the commission was cut for the monthly rate, but a flat fee per order means you will want to do less orders at much larger value to make it feel cheap.


They way I see it, if T212 had the portfolio transfer capability, there would be no reason for opening an account in IBKR. Has a cleaner UI, the app updates very regularly and I could bet (without knowing) it has a more responsive support.
For a one monthly buy & hold investors it would make zero difference being in IBKR or T212.

I like the T212 app & web, IBKR is more for traders than investors.
I think it’s the most crucial feature to be implemented (for us), for a peace of mind.

It’s good to have choices though !


The only ever thing that bothers me with T212 is the share ownership.

Paying withdrawing* (dividend) taxes that I am exempt of is frustrating.

Besides that, of all the solutions i’ve tried or seen, it is by far the best in EU.

edit: clarification

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One big difference between T212 and IBKR is in regard to what would happen on your death.

With T212 your executors can get hold of your money pretty easily. With IBKR there is complex filing to be done with the IRS before your money can be released to your beneficiaries. This is because your shares are US domiciled. This can take as long as a year. An IBKR account at death can create nightmares for your loved ones.


What bothers you about this?

^ this is what bothers me, as previously said 🤷

Can you not get the documents in place to claim it back? - tax relief?

Governments clearly make things difficult and confusing.

I honestly have no idea 🤷
In my country (NL), foreign dividend withholding taxes that are being paid are discounted as tax relief, but nowhere can i specify for Dutch withholding taxes, since i am not supposed to have any.

But since T212 is a UK client, instead of me, the 15% withholding applies to them.

Hence why I said share ownership is my only bother with 212, it does feel a little bit unfair being subjected to taxes i am exempt from.

If anybody knows a way around it I’m all ears.

That aside, or actually even including that, T212 definitely best broker in EU for most retail accounts.

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@Zergui I misunderstood and did not appreciate that you were talking about withholding tax taken on Dutch stocks, not US ones.


I don’t think you would have any different experience with another broker. Degiro is Netherlands-based, and they would have to deduct the 15% US withholding tax, just the same as Trading 212. It is all about US law. You are not exempt from this US tax. The US-Netherlands tax treaty is the same as respects US tax of US dividends as the US-UK tax treaty.

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Are you sure you shouldn’t be paying it? Looks like you have a treaty in place to reduce it to 15% 🤷

I just did mention withholding tax on Dutch stocks, didn’t i? Yes i did.

When a Dutch company pays me a dividend through ING, or Bux (ABN), I am exempt of withholding tax. Same goes for French REITs.

But through T212, as it is a UK client registered, I end up paying that tax.

Hope this clarifies everything.

Unless anybody wants to add to this specific topic, i would suggest we stop this digression since we are now heavily out of topic :see_no_evil:

Edit: thanks everybody for your inputs on the matter, and apologies if I wasn’t clear enough initially.

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I think there is a topic for it.
Here: https://community.trading212.com/t/tax-withholded-on-dutch-stock/


Hi everyone, i am a resident of the EU precisely in Italy. I received the long awaited email inviting me to register for a real account. I state that I have a demo account, when I start the registration procedure (with personal data and answer to the various questions on the level of financial education) both from the site and from the web app at the end of all the steps it gives me an error. Reloading the page or redoing the procedure I get the usual “suspension of account opening” message. I ask politely, if this has happened to others as well. And if I have to wait for the team to send me the email.
Thanks to anyone on the team who can give me some answers.

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Welcome. Maybe someone from @Team212 could help, or @Bogi.H or @Hris.M or @B.E


Hey @framart :wave:, let me DM you so we can check that together.

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Even if they will make the shares trasfer option available in the next years that will be only for whole shares. No other broker offers the fractional share transfer option.

Of course…

You don’t really “own” the share if you have a fraction of it. They just buy 1 and assign fractions to multiple fractional owners…