Opinion please HCMC

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I personally wouldn’t touch this with a bargepole.

Unless your worth a go is £10 otherwise I wouldn’t waste money on it. Its just a FOMO stock.

I think the pump has finished tbh and it’s in the dump stage. The Reddit crew that were pumping can be found here.


Yeap, thought so. I’ve watched it and it goes through peaks and dips of 0.0006 - 0.0010. The biggest change is more in the exchange rate.

I don’t think this was anything with the Reddit flip though.
They have a 100,000 min buy on trades.

It’s a total no for me.

The number of shares outstanding is in the gazillions (I know that’s not a number but you know what I mean). There would need to be a ferociously enormous amount of buying to bring it up even to 1 cent.

Edit: well I guess it’s worth spending 10 dollars as a “lottery ticket” if you have some spare change.

a reverse split could make the shares seems less ridiculous in value perhaps?

say… for every 5000 shares you get 1 :sweat_smile:

I’ve looked at it again now. I see it is all queued up on reddish to be the next target starting on Monday. They are all pledging to buy millions. I didn’t know that when I brought on Friday.
A Google search on ‘is HCMC a buy’ turns up many reports of another picture signalling growth.
You all might be right. But my minimum buy in (poker term) is just under £60 for 100k of shares. I’m inclined to let it ride and see where it is in a few months time.
I do think that the $1 plus mark analysis in five years can’t be known for sure, but I think it could hit cents in the short to medium term. Maybe more if they win the lawsuit against Philip Morris who is thought to go into settlement before trial.
The next financial report is due mid February. It’s at least worth a hold until then I think.
If I get burnt for £60 then oh well. But I can’t even work out the sum if it did hit a dollar?

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It all depends if it becomes a meme stock or not. This is just about momentum and social media hype. Nothing else. There is a lot of FOMO and YOLO going around so :thinking:

With the insane volatility of the past week and incredible growth in people signing up for accounts (on all brokers) it might just go up. How much? No idea :man_shrugging: as I am not a financial advisor or can I predict the future.

But there is one thing I learned with Tesla and Bitcoin last year. Sometimes the craziest thing can become a reality.

Monday should be an interesting start to and interesting week/month :rocket::man_shrugging:

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Well, come market open, this will become my biggest penny stock holding ever. I’ve been tracking the growing interest all week and tonight it seems to be exploding so I’ve just doubled my position.


Thanks all. Jake - I’ve been considering doing the same. The only big unknown question will be when to get off if it did start to take off. I can kind of see it reaching a peak then dropping like a stone when the majority get cold feet.

People mistake a cheap share price for value - the two are completely different. It is absolute trash - it might grow a 100% but a 100% growth of a tenth or hundredth of a cent is still trash.

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Thank you Red, I do kind of get that. I had brought into this before being aware of the reddish planned rush which will give it an artificial boost.
I thought that it potential for organic growth over time with a favourable court result giving the stock a deserved push. That’s where I mean value.
I’m not planning on selling when the rush on Monday keels over.

i think this stock will make alot of people eat their words :zipper_mouth_face:…if your in stay in if your not then its kind of risky but seeying how hyped and the momentum this is getting is off charts…just plus to me this stock has value, products and have a lawsuit against a giant…just think about it and do your proper DD.


IMO ALPP (Alpine4) is one of the best penny stock to invest in at the moment, possible uplist to the Nasdaq in Feb should see a nice uplift in cost
It is avaliable on T212 Invest side.

FYI - I own this stock

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Yes because this is pure pandemonium at this point. Gamestop was a good target because it was so shorted. The person who came up with the idea of artificially driving Gamestop up at least had some idea of how markets work. It’s a total goldrush now. HCMC will never have that. Look at the float, look at the market cap, look at the outstanding shares. It’s completely un-comparable to Gamestop. Maybe throw on 5 or 10 pounds as a lottery ticket at best.

Have you seen their HQ?

You’d want to have a screw loose to buy this stock.

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It’s all rests on the court case and subsequent buy back of shares. Ultimately we will see what happens in the coming week to see if it really pumps or not .

No we won’t. Theres 105 billion 100 million shares outstanding.

Well, I think you´re wrong. The party hasn´t even started yet.
IMO next weeks are going to be crazy weeks for HCMC


Sounds like a brilliant investment plan. Go hard on a penny stock and either get rich or go broke.

You only live once so just report back in 6months with how it works out.

This is not financial advice.

I’m not part of the reddish rush group. I had committed to this the day it opened on Friday having researched it and the pending court case. So before I was aware of the hype. Either way I intend to see it through.


I’m in for a 1M shares. If this gets to $1 of the back of winning the PM suit, that nets me £750k. Worth the hail mary. #bullish

What limit did you set Jake?