Opinions on RELX, SAFE, DCC

I’m trying to diversify my dividend growth pie with non-US stocks. I’m a European citizen but so far I’m 100% US equities.

After some research I found a couple of companies, and since there’s a lot of British people here, I figured I’d get some opinions on these stocks.

RELX: RELX - Media / Analytics (honestly every resource uses a different sector)
SAFE: Safestore Holdings plc - Industrial REIT
DCC: DCC plc - Energy - Oil&Gas

My criteria was companies not on the brink of death with a decent dividend growth.

Some others that I dropped: Tritax Big Box, Smart Metering Services, 3i Group

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I’m not especially familiar with the others but I like Relx as a business. Products like LexisNexis are not easily replaced.

l used to hold it as part of a high-yield portfolio alongside two other Anglo-Dutch firms, Unilever and Shell. It was useful for diversification away from sectors such as banks, insurers and miners.

It didn’t pull up any trees but it was in the slow and steady category with the likes of Diageo: yields 2-3% and also offers opportunity for some capital growth.

However, it’s just my two pennies’ worth – I haven’t looked at REL in any great depth for years.