Opt. of my long-term div. sav. plan

Hi, I’ve been running my own long-term dividend bucket as a savings plan for some time.After the first few months I have made some small changes and would like to hear other opinions.I see the performance as very decent, especially after the changes I was able to increase it again drastically.My priority was on safe, long-term positions that offer both growth and dividend increases.


My planned minimum term is ~ 15 years +

During this period, I do not rule out changes or additions to the bucket.

In the meantime I have changed a few small things in the composition. I would be very happy to read some of your opinions about my portfolio.


My focus should be on immediate dividends and even more on long-term dividends with growing positions. I would like to limit investments with a high risk to only a very small percentage to 10% up to a maximum of 20%, the lower the better.

If this is a 15 year thing, why are you limiting yourself to just growing dividends? Have you thought about looking at Total return, and then switching to dividend securities later?

Other than that, it is difficult to analyse through just a scan of the companies but you seem to have a decent selections and a number of companies operate globally so you should be ok.

Some high dividend yield companies are M&G and L&G from the UK. National Grid I would ignore.

Thank you for your assessment, it sounds like I imagined it

When putting together, I tried at least partially to choose positions that also offer additional potential for growth in the future. For additional coverage of the market, I also invest in a handful of etfs. At the moment I am dividing the investments equally between the basket and the etfs.

For short-term to medium-term gains, but high risk, I still hold Alpine 4 Holdings.

But here I was mainly concerned with the basket and its composition. This should give me secure returns for the next few years without having to invest further time in maintenance.

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Lots I’m not familiar with on your list. I’ve been really bulking up on Abbvie recently though.

For comparison, this is my div payers list:

And overall long term bucket for completeness:

And I have some other riskier or short to med term plays.