Order delay in a dip

I am trying to buy BABA in the dip and I am waiting 15 minutes to my order get filled. I am going to buy it higher? This happens to me for the first time in a possible great buying opportunity :no_mouth:

20 minutes, still waiting… any explanation for this delay? For my experience I can’t say this is normal.

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It’s doing you a favor at the moment

You need to atleast let it bottom out and then choose whether to buy on the way back up

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That it’s not the issue… Not the (my) decision to buy but the delay in the order. But thanks

It rarely executes an order on the way down as they have a responsibility to get you the best price, hence why I said wait for the bottom or a dip if you fancy your chances

Thanks again, I didn’t know that, but if the price goes up they also assume the responsibility? Who knows what is the best price?
Today, it dropped from 256 to 213… I don’t really care if goes down 2 or 3 more dollars. It’s my call…

Algorithm based, it will search for a level out before executing your order. They are nice like that.

Well it’s starting to spike so place your order, I don’t think it’s done dropping but that’s my view

Ok, maybe you have also a good Algorithm, mine is not very good :wink:

Its all guesswork nobody truly knows

So let’s see what price the Algorithm thinks it’s appropriate, but if it’s guesswork I would like to have the final decision, don’t you agree?

For example, I cancelled my first order and the Algorithm made me save around $3… that’s perfect, I am happy. But a few minutes ago I enter another order and made me lose around $2 or $3 because its up since. :thinking:

My last enter point (maybe it goes down again but who knows):

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Mine is still pending too, really annoying. What with this and currency deposit fee coming not great sign.

Now is $217, I am loosing money…

By the way, I don’t care about 2 o 3 dollars up or down because I only want one share, but I am writing about this here because I don’t understand what’s happening, it seems strange.

Any admin able to comment? This is very bad why such a delay.

We’re looking into it.

Thanks… $218.50 :no_mouth:

Now $215… Maybe the algorithm is right, leave it :grin: I am going to trust him.

Orders should get processed immediately now, apologies for the inconvenience.

Order processed… Thanks for the great assistance, great job, as usual!

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