Partial close ability

Would love the ability to partial close my positions as sometimes i just want to take small profit and hold the rest instead of having to put in more than one order i’ll continue to use this as my main mobile trading app either way and will need to try the desktop version soon! especially if there’s a partial close option :wink:

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@zander You’re able to do it. I’ll send you a DM with a video illustrating the process. :ok_hand:

@Tony.V maybe idea to post this also on YouTube? please… :wink:

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@chantal Noted! :white_check_mark:


Case resolved, found the partial sell option! Definitely agree on making a video on it!


@Tony.V would be kind to send me a dm with a video illustrating the process if you don’t mind ?

@dm20 Sure thing. :wink:

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Can you post a link to the video here for us so we don’t have to chase up for it?