Paying the taxes from profit

So I am from Romania (eastern europe) and I know here u have to pay 10% on ur capital apreciation profits and 5% from ur divident. But let’s say I wana move out and study for 3 years and still use the platform. How do I pay my taxes? Do I do it in Romania or in the country I am studying? I am pretty sure there isn t an online system. So I wont be able to pay them in my Romania if I am not there.

Any experiences?

Also does anybody check in any way the profits from this platform?

It’s a tough one. In most of Europe you pay income taxes in the country you’re from, basically the country where you would be a tax payer. But there are all kinds of different rules.
I’ve heard that for the Netherlands you would be required to pay taxes if your working abroad unless is more than x years or further away then about 500 km from the border. But that would mean that you have to pay the taxes of the country your in then.

But for ownership taxes you would pay in the country where you own the item. This mostly would be for real estate.

Above is for income and real estate ownership I don’t know about stock ownership. I never thought about it so never looked into it.

Considering all the specifics that different countries impose on taxes it would be hard to give an exact answer here.

The best and safest thing to do in your case would be a quick chat with a tax consultant.