PC freezes, RAM drops, 100% disk activity

Not unless it’s nation-state level :smiley:

I’ve had browser spikes in the past that claimed a certain tab was responsible for tying up over half my ram, except the tab in question was just a meme picture :stuck_out_tongue: no bigger than 4mb and wasn’t trying to do anything. the real culprit was buried in the browsers background operations itself and it planted a false flag, sorted it out that time by removing all the addons, clearing the registry and rebooting.

T212’s platform requests almost nothing from your devices as its mostly server-side stuff so it can’t really be the cause of your issues or we would have heard from loads of others on older devices.

I have had ram allocation issues with chrome many times, but compared to the quality of service I was seeing on other browsers, I am happy to keep using it despite the occasional hiccup :sweat_smile: but the fact you see disk allocation spike as well means its occurring inside your PC rather than from outside.

Reasonable people can disagree, and on this, we must :pray:

I agree it must be isolated to my domain, else others would’ve chimed-in by now. The disk spike I attribute to Windows re-stabilising itself after losing RAM.

Except it’s constantly updating, running timers, recalculating and repainting charts and panels. I’d say it’s one of the most ‘heavy-use’ tabs I have open.

It just happened about 15mins ago again. It didn’t knock-out my PC (just froze the browser). I grabbed a screenie of the console, in case it’s useful to the devs.

I’d also add, this started happening the same time as others reported other issues last week, so I think it coincided with a code update.

I’d also concede that there was also a browser update around the same time (hence why I’ll report it to them tomorrow).

This is for the devs (in case they’re interested), although I’m not sure it’s related. YMMV

definitely a weird set of errors displayed there

Keeps us posted if you still have issues Mike.
Also - did you try another web browser just to double check?

I will @adm, thanks.

I’ve reported it to the browser-maker. I’ll use another from Monday (sigh).

Interestingly (well, you be the judge of that), I just clicked the tab after an hour-odd of inactivity, and it was fine, suggesting that it’s only while the market is open - makes sense (not consuming data, etc).

FWIW, just to follow-up on this, I can report that the new, advanced mode doesn’t exhibit the above issues - great!

But the original issues still stand, however.