Pending order and 212 email bounces back

Hi my order for jadestone energy has been pending all week and cannot be cancelled and when I try to email 212 it bounces back anyone any ideas

What email are you using?

@Team212 might be able to assist you further here if you send them a Private Message with more details.


Noob question how do I pm them and the email is

Click the tag team212 and you should see option to send message to them

Click on their account name then hit the Message button. As for the email, I can’t answer why it’s bouncing, I’m afraid.

No such message box :disappointed_relieved:

Can you please send us your case Additionally, please send us also the bounce-back message that you get so that we can investigate further - I suspect that it might be related with your email account/provider since the rest of the tickets are coming through.

I have done that but no response