Pie excells for 5G and Quantum ETFs

These are from the defiance ETFs.

I modified the excel to include all the holdings that trading 212 has at the moment, and scaled the percentages accordingly. Once new holdings are added or made fractional, adding cell marker will update the ratios. Own holdings can be added too if you expand the formula area down for more entries.

If you will follow this spreadsheet and input it straight to the app (I did on the phone), I would enter holdings bottom up from the spreadsheet, that way when you set actual percentages you skip on unnecessary scrolling.

I will make similar recipes for Graphene/Blockchain/Space/Bip/AR/VR once I find good enough base ETFs to rip off and expand upon. 5G is too short as a name for the pie so for clarity I recommend “GGGGG”.



name checks out :wink: