Pie Holding not showing in Orders

I invested in a pie with 30 stocks yesterday. While I see all 30 in my pie holdings, I see only 20 in the transaction history.
@Team212 can you confirm if the order went through and please fix the order history.


What time off day did you make investment?

Could it be because the market wasn’t open for the other trades? Without knowing your stocks, it’s difficult to guess, however a possibility?

@mcwilliams91 most were US stocks (subset of ark innovation etf) and I placed order yesterday when US markets were open.

In that case, I’m unsure, sorry.

@Team212 will be able to offer some insight hopefully.

I can confirm that your order was filled successfully for all 30 holdings, @annk .

Check your inbox. I’ve sent you a DM. :postbox: :slight_smile: