Pies are getting social

Hello everyone!

Today we’re launching Pie Library, Pie Comments, Pie Copying, and more, to help you browse, discuss and utilise shared pies efficiently, right from within the app.

Pie Library
The Pie Library, accessed from the app menu, displays a list of the most popular shared pies, ranked by view count. You now have a convenient way to discover new pie ideas without having to leave the app. Any shared pie could make it to the Pie Library, provided that it gathers enough views.

Let’s take a look:

If you look closely, there seems to be a lot to unpack from the screenshot above. We’ve got avatars, usernames, comments, something called “Saved”… and is that a copy icon?

Let’s sift through these goodies one at a time.

Public user profiles
With this update, we’re also introducing public user profiles. An opt-in feature that allows users to choose a username and avatar, which will be displayed on all of their shared pies and comments.

Creating your profile is simple - just start writing a comment or share a pie, and we’ll prompt you to set your profile up.

If you don’t plan on sharing pies or writing comments - don’t worry about creating a profile; you won’t need one.

Pie links open in the app
When you click on a shared pie link, if you have our app installed, we’ll now always show you shared pies there, instead of in the browser:

Here you can see the details of the pie, a description written by the owner, the “save” and “copy” actions, and a preview of the comments section.

Save/bookmark a shared pie
Tap on the “bookmark” button to save the pie for future reference. You can later find it in the “Saved” tab of the Pie Library. Keep in mind that if the Pie Owner decides to stop sharing their pie, it will disappear from the “Saved” tab.

Pie Copying
Want to add the pie to your portfolio? Just tap on the Copy Pie button - you’ll go through the same steps as when you’re creating a pie from scratch, except that we’ll prefill the slices for you (you can add/remove/adjust them if you wish). You still have full control over investing (AutoInvest or Manual), the name of the pie, etc.

Your “copy” of the pie is in no way linked to the original. If the Pie Owner edits their pie, that change will not be reflected in your “copy”.

Pie Comments
Quite possibly the bread and butter of this update. Pies are truly getting social! After creating your public profile, you will be able to discuss shared pies by writing and replying to comments under the Comments section of any shared pie.

Pie sharing has moved
Sharing your pie is no longer confined to a simple switch control in the Overview tab of your pie. It now lives in its own tab called Sharing, from where you can share/unshare your pie, edit its description, take a look at some social stats, and access comments.

Quality content and discussion

With the introduction of these social features, we want to create a space where quality content is the norm, not the exception. We have taken a couple of steps towards this goal:

  1. Report a message - Tap on the “three dots” button on any comment/reply, and you will be able to report the message if you feel it is offensive, spammy, or has advertisements. Our team will moderate the comments section of each pie and delete messages wherever necessary. A user might even get banned from sharing pies and writing comments if their behaviour does not adhere to the Social Terms of Use.
  2. Practice accounts are not allowed to share/comment - You need to have a funded real-money ISA/Invest account to share pies or write comments. We believe this requirement to be beneficial to the community and the quality of created content. Due to the nature of real-money account creation, once you get banned, that’s it - you cannot easily create another account to share/comment. This should mostly keep spammers/trolls at bay, or at the very least make them easy to deal with.


Q: I’m not seeing any of this in the web app?

A: We’re releasing these features on mobile only, for now.

Q: What will happen to the pies I’ve shared before this update?

A: If you shared your pies through a funded real-money account, they should work just fine. Keep sharing, and expect some comments soon! However, any pies that you shared through a Practice, or non-funded real-money account, will no longer be accessible by others, and their links won’t work.

Q: I’m getting a ton of comment/reply notifications. How do I turn these off?

A: You have fine-grained control over social notifications. For example, if you wish to stop receiving notifications for new comments on a pie, open the comments section for that pie, tap on the “three dots” button in the top right corner and select “Disable notifications”. If it’s the replies to a comment that are bothering you, you can do the same thing - just tap on the “three dots” button next to the comment in question, and select “Disable notifications”.

Q: I have both an ISA and an Invest account. How will this work for me?

A: Your public profile will be the same across both accounts. The same goes for your “saved pies” list and all social notifications.

Q: What would happen if I copied a pie created on an Invest account to my ISA? What if the pie contained instruments that ISA doesn’t support?

A: If the original pie contains ISA-unsupported instruments, we will omit them from your copy. The rest of the slices will have a larger percentage allocation to make up for the missing ones. If the original pie is comprised entirely of unsupported instruments, you will not be able to copy the pie.

Q: I have both a real-money and practice Invest accounts and use both frequently. How will this work for me?

A: You will be able to browse, copy, and save pies on both accounts but will be able to share pies and comment only from your real-money account. In the future, we may allow customers with a funded real-money account to share/comment from their practice accounts as well; however, at the moment, this is not possible.

Q: I don’t see a username/avatar on some shared pies. Why is that?

A: If you encounter a shared pie without a username/avatar, this means that the owner of the pie shared it before we introduced the public profile requirement. If the owner decides to create a public profile, we’ll update the pie with their username/avatar.

Q: I only have a CFD account and don’t care for pies. Anything for me here?

A: Regrettably, no, the social features we’re releasing will work exclusively with ISA/Invest accounts and, more specifically, pies.

If you have any questions or feedback, please post in this thread!


Awesome! Hopefully nested pies now are just around the corner too!


This is great, clever and interesting ‘n’ all, but I hate to burst anyone’s bubble there’s a ton of issues and technical debt, I would suggest, that need prioritising before adding more features and the knock-on maintenance they require.

With respect.



Pie inception :thinking:

Pie copying! Early Christmas present for those wanting ARK pies and can copy ones already created by someone else.


Amazing stuff great job team!
May as well share my own: https://www.trading212.com/pies/l71Ni7TtQNiKc5BeEAWEr8h5vkqw
We made it :rocket:


Great job 212. Another game changer


Super cool. Great job team! :+1:

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Love it :star_struck: . I use the app for about a month and it is an amazing experience App + Community. I will do a blog post very very soon on https://martinmueller.dev . Let me know how I, as an experienced DevOps (https://github.com/mmuller88), can help.


Super feature, I love all T212 team

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This is great, I personally love your beautiful interface… but what really every investor needs is dividend report with a withholding tax stated on. It is almost end of the year and my accountant is chasing me for this kind of reports.
Gross amount
Withholding tax paid
Net amount received
Date of dividend received

Without that kind of report we are unable to prove that any tax was paid so we will have to pay double taxes. Thank you.


what happens if, say, I copy a pie and that user updates that pie regularly? will we have an option to keep our pies “connected” so that I can choose to update my pie when the original pie creator updates their pie?


Hey @H2T2. Your copy of the pie is not linked to the original. Any changes made to the original will not be reflected in your copy and, for now, you have no option to apply them, except to do so manually.

At the moment, copying is simply a shortcut which saves you the time from manually configuring each slice by hand.


Is it already released because I don’t see this pie library on my iPhone app?

Yes! Make sure to update your app. The new version is 5.6.0. If you do not have an update yet, give it some time.

Thanks, I will wait, in the test app, I have the 5 5 31 version

thought so. i suggest adding in that feature then :slight_smile:

because i update my pies every weekend, so for someone copying it, it becomes pretty out of date once they copy it (within a week).

also, if you sort the pies by number of views, us newbies will get lost at the bottom and the old ones will keep moving up, kinda like the rich keep getting richer. may be add a tab with new pies as an option? 2nd feature suggestion maybe? :slight_smile:


Congrats on the team’s work! :+1:

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Not sure if that is related at all but how is it in term of affiliates. Can I use those pie urls as affiliates too and get the bonus (I think a free share or so?)

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