Pies full of spam ☠️

I would like to hear from the guys with thousands of “followers” on their Pies, but at least one of my Pies that has some traction, it really really annoying me because of dozens of spam messages every day :man_facepalming:

I don’t know what T212 can do about that, for now I’m deleting the messages, to not give visibility to the spammers, but it doesn’t solve anything.
Maybe a “delete comment and report user” option.

I have decided to just stop sharing my Pies, but since I usually send them to some colleagues (to show them how great my stonks are doing), I was to only one being punished by the spammers and not the opposite.

cc @David @Wit @George


people spamming the pie comment section should be blocked from commenting on any pies. period.

It shouldn’t be the pie makers daily schedule to clean up unwanted content from their comments :frowning:


If users are verified on platform they should be restricted in participating in the pie library. I got slated by T212 and pie removed from library as my pie was named big gains 88.3% which I had named before the pie sharing feature was even functional as, it’s what it’s AAR was returning and I wanted to keep track of the stats to see if it actually was

We are working on tools to deal with the spam, including more control by the pie owners.


Thanks for the feedback Alex.