Placed a SELL @ 11.41am - Still processing

Its on ticker ‘SKIN’. I saw there there were a couple buys for the stock this afternoon, but my shares haven’t sold.

Can someone check if this a technical issue or just the market?


There’s pretty much zero liquidity in that stock


I know. But there were a couple large buys this afternoon and im only selling a small number of shares (5,200), so wanted to check if its maybe a technical issue.

02-Jul-20 15:10:23 1.7499 25,715 Buy* 1.70 1.75 449.99 O
02-Jul-20 14:49:20 1.7301 99,000 Buy* 1.70 1.75 1,713

Looks like 8 buys in total.

What website is that?

Yeah looks like there was 4 buys after I placed my sell. The shares still didn’t sell

ADVFN opened in Brave in desktop view on my phone so that it doesn’t reload.

More Buy’s came in this morning, but my shares still havent sold.

Edit - shares finally sold at 9.30am