Please add Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF

Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF as we know the metaverse is the future and the list of companies looks pretty good

2 issues are preventing this to be added.

First this is an USA ETF, not UCITS compliant.
Second it’s traded on an unsupported exchange NYSE Arca.


Is there a like for like substitute ETF that’s way cheaper on fees?

Hmm… haven’t heard of a UCITS ETF on this. Might be easiest to just make a pie of the biggest holdings (top 20 make up ±80% of the fund).


On their website InteractiveBrokers is listed as a brokerage, where you can buy it.

That’s irrelevant, unfortunately. Rules are here: Stocks & ETFs requests Help


IBKR has also customers in US, for which they can allow the purchase.

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You could also look at the Social tab of the app, the PIE section and you will find there some premade pies.


Btw, Leverage Shares recently started offering alternatives to US-domiciled ETFs in an EU & UK approved format, the ETP. Like for example, the ARK ETFs family. Maybe take a look at Leverage Shares website to see if there is any ETP suitable to your needs.

But I leave to @Oktay to talk about those new instruments, as he is the most knowledgeable person in that matter.


Thanks for the kind words, @RLX! :slight_smile: And yes - would be happy to help if anyone has questions. The new lineup can be found here.

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