Please add: Vanguard S&P 500 (EUR, Accumulating)

Hello @Team212,

Could you please add VUAA - Vanguard S&P 500 ETF Accumulating (ISIN: IE00BFMXXD54), available on Xetra in EUR?



Yes, I would like to see that we can buy on Xetra in EUR.

I see that VUAA available in EUR on Borsa Italiana has already been added - any chance that VUAA traded on XETRA (which has much higher volume) will be added soon?

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I don’t remember why Borsa Italiana was chosen, although I thought that Xetra could have more volume, I trust that T212 had seen and compared both trading volumes. The same for other ETFs listed in Borsa Italiana.

Could the ETFs from Borsa Italiana present in T212 have less trading volume than the Xetra listed ETFs?

According to Yahoo Finance, VUAA traded on XETRA has significantly higher avg. volume than VUAA traded on Borsa Italiana - 19,625 vs 4,921.

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Thanks, I always asked new Xetra ETFs.

Only recently asked for some Borsa Italiana ETFs to be made as fractional, due to the Xetra listed ETFs weren’t present, and new ETF additions were put on standby mode by T212.

Perhaps when T212 add the new ETF batch, it includes the Xetra-listed ETFs.

Some EUR ETFs are listed in Borsa Italiana, because IBKR don’t have the Xetra-listed ETF:

Maybe because of tax reasons, just guessing!

For non-Italian investors, the Italian-listed ETFs’ capital gains are taxed as the same the Xetra-listed ETFs. Because the capital gains are declared in the each investor national country.

Maybe the capital gains of Italian-listed ETFs are also taxed the same way as non Italian-listed ETFs for the Italian investors.

For us both, we know it don’t matters if the ETFs are listed in Italy or Germany or other foreign country, because we are hammered in the same way, 28% for all. :wink:

Ok I was not aware of that. But I don’t get the 28% thing. If you declare it in your IRS it will be taxed at the same rate as your global revenue. Or am I missing something. T212 is not withholding any capital gain tax when you sell. (I have a very particular tx situation so for me it is more tax efficient to declared all income from capital gains and dividends).

Yes, same tax rate for every country in capital gains. For us, we get taxed 28% in capital gains from Stock/ETFs/Trusts/Funds listed in any country in world.

Of course, there some special tax circumstances that could lower the tax rate, but it will lower the tax rates in all the financial assets and to all countries where they are listed. (Ex: englobamento. :wink: )

T212 don’t withhold taxes from capital gains, but you must declare all your capital gains/losses, every year you have financial transactions.

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Bump. @Team212 is there any chance that VUAA traded in XETRA will be added soon?