Please add VGAC

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Please add Virgin Acquisition Corp SPAC now on NYSE
Ticker VGAC

Thank you

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I wonder if this will become this Spac’s business?

He wouldn’t be merging with his own company surely.

I thought virgin galactic started as a Spac and there is Landcadia which will become golden nugget. I think they are owned by the same person too.
Sir Rich has become so by utilising other peoples funds and/or schemes for virgin groups benefit.

Was just a cynical thought!

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And I don’t know if the Pre-SPCE SPAC was owned by Branson, but if so then I clearly retract my previous statement. :wink:

Just checked back through company news and Branson was not founder of the spac company it was Chamath Palihapitiya.

Yes it would seem strange but with the recent COVID impact on virgin group it could be a quicker way to get this project funded and moving forward.

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Is this going to be added , request was in October?

Was added the other day after the units split! :+1:

Can you please add VGAC asap?
Very promising spac EV stock!

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It’s already on the app! :+1: