Portfolio graph

Are there any plans to implement graph of our portfolio how did it change since beginning of our adventure with T212?


building onto this it would be nice to use the graph for some hard numbers at fixed intervals, so perhaps choosing the first or last day of every month and providing a graph of its weekly/monthly growth on a summary tab below?

(^here George says the graph featuring is coming soon, that being about a month ago suggest its release is near if not imminent.)


I recently swapped over to trading212 from freetrade and this is the only feature I miss is the graph so can’t wait for it be released on here

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@growingdividends A small secret, please don’t tell. You won’t be waiting for more than a week. We are in testing stages already!


We’ve also included a nice feature which allows you to select a specific point in time in the past and see your portfolio values at that moment.


@George will this specific feature also work with stocks? To see how much stock gained % back in specific point of time? Currently we only get value not % gain/loss. :slight_smile:

@Vedran Not yet, but we will consider adding it in the future.


Will this show also operation results data made days before the release?

Graph looks nice :heart: well done

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@JKAndrex Yes, it will show data all the way back to the moment you’ve created your account.

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It is live and looks very nice, well done!

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Yeah, portfolio graph is nicely done, but for now it support Android phones, hope iOS version gets out soon.

Hey @George

On the ISA would it be possible to have the graph be interchangeable between the invested growth returns and deposited growth returns?

It is great seeing the profits of current investments, but having pulled out of 2 previous positions to reinvest means that the %-return on my capital to date is higher than just what the invested return displays.

thanks. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Dao,

I absolutely agree with you. Tracking profits of current investments works very well if you buy and hold long term. However, if you make frequent trades tracking returns of current investments will not reflect your overall performance, because this metric won’t account for the results of previously closed positions.

We plan to implement an option to switch between tracking currently invested returns and overall returns. We will even include different return calculation methods (for instance Time-weighted Rate of Return, Money-weighted Rate of return, and more).


Only major part which we now miss UI wise, is custom/grouping of shares under sectors, see weighted % of each group/sector and per single stock.

Then auto reinvest makes all the sense in the world when we can preconfigure wanted weight per stock per group.

Ps : well done on all good work so far.


Is this still in the plan? Would love to see all those different return calculations in the app and also benchmarking against major indexes e.g. VWRL or the S&P500

Yes, it is still in the plan :slight_smile:


is there a portfolio graph for the web version of trading 212? @George


only seems to have it on the app

Still in the plan still? :money_mouth_face:

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