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Hey @George

On the ISA would it be possible to have the graph be interchangeable between the invested growth returns and deposited growth returns?

It is great seeing the profits of current investments, but having pulled out of 2 previous positions to reinvest means that the %-return on my capital to date is higher than just what the invested return displays.

thanks. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Dao,

I absolutely agree with you. Tracking profits of current investments works very well if you buy and hold long term. However, if you make frequent trades tracking returns of current investments will not reflect your overall performance, because this metric won’t account for the results of previously closed positions.

We plan to implement an option to switch between tracking currently invested returns and overall returns. We will even include different return calculation methods (for instance Time-weighted Rate of Return, Money-weighted Rate of return, and more).


Only major part which we now miss UI wise, is custom/grouping of shares under sectors, see weighted % of each group/sector and per single stock.

Then auto reinvest makes all the sense in the world when we can preconfigure wanted weight per stock per group.

Ps : well done on all good work so far.


Is this still in the plan? Would love to see all those different return calculations in the app and also benchmarking against major indexes e.g. VWRL or the S&P500

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Yes, it is still in the plan :slight_smile:


is there a portfolio graph for the web version of trading 212? @George


only seems to have it on the app

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Still in the plan still? :money_mouth_face:


I moved from Revolut to Trading212 and miss the feature to see when I buy/sell… surely it must be available soon… if the competitors do it :wink:


this is actually a very nice feature to have in T212 @Team212 from @SamIAm


I like the app as it is, nice and simple.

Can you not remember when you place trades?

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This is useful info! Please create a separate feature suggestion topic for this so it doesn’t get lost over time, would love to have this and I say this even as a longer term investor.

New feature request created:

Please upvote :slight_smile:


@SamIAm I forgot all about this feature on the graph after my brief use of Revolute to purchase TSLA and a few other stocks.

If they can do it, surely T212 could implement this as it’s a far superior platform. I would love to see my buy points for all my stocks on graphs :+1:


I would like plots to take account of combined portfolio + cash value. ( Cash is an important position in a portfolio ). Seeing big steps where a position is added or sold makes plots almost useless.

Also need some way to track account performance.


Can we get this overall graph on iPad and Browser versions? Bizarre to move from mobile and not be able to view your overall portfolio performance in a graph

Any news on this front?

It’s still in the plans, @Gilbeuh, but we can’t provide any timeframe of when we’ll have it live. Nevertheless, I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.


Please can options be added for how the portfolio chart is displayed. The current option is skewed by sales and purchases and isn’t intuitive to see actual performance. I’d suggest money weighted rate of return. Please at least the option to plot the return rather than the value so that sales and purchases don’t skew the graph.


I guess we all possibly want to graph portfolio value vs deposits less withdrawals right as a minimum?

Then TWRR at a portfolio and possibly pie level.

@C-Biscuit have you see this thread I made - Most Wanted Features Poll 2023

As a user forum, I think* it’s a good way for users to show 212 the most important features users would like to see added. There is no guarantee they will do this? However with enough volume should help show them what users like ourselves would like to see in the future. What you are asking is currently 4th in the list with 23% of the vote - “Portfolio Data - Performance - Time weighted Rate of a return at pie/portfolio level vs chosen benchmark”, out of 112 voters. If we can increase the voters, perhaps it might get more attention?