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I moved from Revolut to Trading212 and miss the feature to see when I buy/sell… surely it must be available soon… if the competitors do it :wink:


this is actually a very nice feature to have in T212 @Team212 from @SamIAm

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I like the app as it is, nice and simple.

Can you not remember when you place trades?

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This is useful info! Please create a separate feature suggestion topic for this so it doesn’t get lost over time, would love to have this and I say this even as a longer term investor.

New feature request created:

Please upvote :slight_smile:

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@SamIAm I forgot all about this feature on the graph after my brief use of Revolute to purchase TSLA and a few other stocks.

If they can do it, surely T212 could implement this as it’s a far superior platform. I would love to see my buy points for all my stocks on graphs :+1:

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I would like plots to take account of combined portfolio + cash value. ( Cash is an important position in a portfolio ). Seeing big steps where a position is added or sold makes plots almost useless.

Also need some way to track account performance.

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