Post-IPO and pre-LOI/business combination SPACs

No SEC filing yet but confirmation of:

NYSE:SBE (Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp) - 493m - ChargePoint


Good spot. I missed that one after adding - thanks

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Hi Joey,
Would you happen to know the difference between these Gores tickers, GHIV and GHIVU please? Wondered if one is the warrant and the other a common stock.

Kind regards,

Hi @TaurusDuke - the ‘U’ denotes an instrument that is a Unit, whereas the cleaner ‘GHIV’ (ie. without the U) is the common stock / shares.

I’ve linked another post from further up this thread, there’s a URL in it that will help with understanding further;

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it

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This might generate some interest:

Live Oak Acquisition Corp <LOAK.N>

U.S. bioplastics firm Danimer agrees $890 million deal to go public: sources

I’ll update the above list with :white_check_mark: :green_circle: once the merger takes place.

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For anyone interested in looking at SPAC performance post merger here’s a good list from spactrack

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For anyone interested, here are the next upcoming vote dates;

NYSE:CCXX (Churchill Capital III) - MultiPlan - 07/10
NDAQ:SAQN (Software Acquisition Group Inc.) - CuriosityStream - 12/10
NDAQ:INSU (InsuranceAcquisition) - Shift Technologies - 13/10
NDAQ:FTAC (Fintech Acquisition III) - Paya - 15/10
NDAQ:FMCI (Forum Merger II Corp) - Tattooed Chef - 15/10

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Heard that 8th October has been announced as vote date for “DPHC” Lordstown Motors also. Can’t confirm for sure though

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Haven’t seen that anywhere. CCXX is tomorrow I think.

Now I don’t mean to be a…

…but the following SPACs were added in the massive 2.5k dump yesterday, however I haven’t seen any evidence that they are now common stock. That doesn’t mean to say I haven’t missed it or there’s a timing crossover; all were due round about now.

NDAQ:GRSV (Gores Holdings V Inc)
NDAQ:FIII (Forum Merger III Corp.)
NYSE:RBAC (RedBall Acquisition)
NYSE:PTK (PTK Acquisition)
NDAQ:AACQ (Artius Acquisition)
NYSE:PRPB (CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II)

@David @Martin @PeterA, in particular GSRV and AACQ do not show up on IB for me. The rest show up but I have yet to see the relevant SEC filing, but I presume in these cases IB are just ahead of it.

Are you guys comfortable that all the SPACs added in yesterday’s bulk exercise are all common shares and none are still solely units?

Happy if you are, just wanted to double check. Don’t know what it would mean for you from a regulatory angle…


@Joey_Fantana Can confirm that all of these SPACs are on IB & are common stock. Not going to make that mistake twice. :slight_smile:


Am I correct that we somehow missed to add NYSE: LEAP to T212?

I’ve been checking daily and IB still says they are units, not common stock.

But IB has been playing up the last couple of days and all my seraches return no results, even when they’ve worked in the past.

When was that article published?

EDIT: see, no results, weird;

Added it to the latest IPO post - maybe 212 will have more luck finding it.

Probably a few others missing at this rate too.

@Joey_Fantana , thanks for all your work and incredible commitment.

Ribbit Leap has an interesting fintech VC backgrond and “Ribbit LEAP is not using the traditional founder share structure most SPACs employ. Instead, the company is using performance-based founder shares which vest in four equal tranches upon achieving outsized share performance following completion of its business combination.”

They are early investors in Coinbase, Robinhood and Revolut, so it will be fun to watch how this story develops.

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Thanks and no worries.

That does sound interesting!

Updates added;

NDAQ:NBAC (Newborn Acquisition Corp.) - Nuvve Corporation
NYSE:IPV (InterPrivate Acquisition Corp) - Aeva
NYSE:ACAM (Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp.) - CarLotz, Inc.
NYSE:DMYD (dMY Technology Group, Inc. II) - Genius Sports Group Limited
NYSE:RBAC (RedBall Acquisition) - Fenway Sports Group (in talks)
NYSE:LOAK (Live Oak Acquisition Corp) - Danimer Scientific
NYSE:RMG (RMG Acquisition Corp.) - Romeo Power Technology
NDAQ:SRAC (Stable Road Acquisition Corp) - Momentus
NDAQ:LSAC (LifeSci Acquisition) - Vincera Pharma
NYSE:OAC (Oaktree Acquisition Corp) - Hims & Hers


Started adding the new tickers to those that have merged - top of the list.

Also, following rumours updated;

NYSE:GIK (Gigcapital3 Inc) - Lightning e-Motors (in talks)
NYSE:CCIV (Churchill Capital Corp IV) - DirecTV (in talks)
NDAQ:FIII (Forum Merger III Corp.) - Electric Last Mile (ELMS) (in talks
NYSE:BFT (Foley Trasimene Acquisition II) - Paysafe (in talks)
NYSE:NGA (Northern Genesis Acquisition) - Lion Electric (in talks)
NYSE:GLEO (Galileo Acquisition) - Elite Model World (in talks)