Post-IPO and pre-LOI/business combination SPACs

Someone might find this interesting.

Strong VC firm (Shopify, Pinterest, Discord, crypto wallet Ledger and etc), hopefully T212 team will have time to add it to the platform Friday/Monday.

FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp. Announces the Separate Trading of its Class A Common Stock and Redeemable Warrants Commencing November 27, 2020


Latest updates;

NDAQ:INSU (InsuranceAcquisition) - Metromile
NYSE:GIX (Gigcapital2 Inc) - UpHealth and Cloudbreak
NYSE:LGVW (Longview Acquisition) - Butterfly Network


NDAQ:GRNV (GreenVisionAcquisition Corp) - proposed merger with Accountable Healthcare America now terminated.

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Thank you for the heads up on this Joe.
I searched it on the day and again today, but I cannot find any information on it. What sources do you usually check for this kind of information? Do you remember where you found this?

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Can you please list Spring Valley Acquisition Corp. (SVSVU). Idk looks like it’s listed. Ty.

Hi @Famikazee - that SPAC is already listed.

If you’re wondering why it’s not yet added to the platform…

Thank you Joe, I couldn’t find anything on it. :slight_smile:

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New updates;

NDAQ:VSPR (Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp.) - HydraFacial Co.
NDAQ:SSPK (Silver Spike Acquisition Corp.) - WM Holding Company/Weedmaps
NYSE:TPGY (TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp.) - EV Box Group
NYSE:GIK (Gigcapital3 Inc) - Lightning e-Motors (now confirmed)
NDAQ:CGRO (Collective Growth Corporation) - Innoviz Technologies
NDAQ:FIII (Forum Merger III Corp.) - Electric Last Mile (ELMS) (now confirmed)
NDAQ:BRPA (Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp.) - NeuroRx
NDAQ:EXPC (Experience Investment) - Blade
NDAQ:NPA (New Providence Acquisition Corp.) - AST SpaceMobile
NYSE:STIC.U (Northern Star Acquisition Corp) - BarkBox
NDAQ:FSRV (Finserv Acquisition) - Katapult Holding, Inc.
NDAQ:DFHT (Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions) - CareMax Medical Group, LLC and IMC Medical Group Holdings


Hey Joey, most of them on this list are added but STIC (Northern Star Acquisition Corp) is not added yet. Haven’t they released the common stock yet?

Correct. The ‘U’ at the end of the ticker denotes it is still only in unit form, not common stock.

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Most recent updates;

NDAQ:THBR (Thunderbridge Acquisition II) - Indie Semiconductor
NYSE:ATAC (Altimar Acquisition Corp) - Owl Rock Capital Group and the Dyal Capital Partners (Blue Owl Capital Inc.)
NYSE:JIH (Juniper Industrial Holdings) - Janus International
NYSE:STPK (Star Peak Energy Transition) - Stem, Inc
NYSE:CLA (Colonnade Acquisiton) - Ouster

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Anyone else been :popcorn: RMG into RMO ?

Nope too busy :sob: TOTA into CLNN.

Bloody ouch.

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NDAQ:PSAC (Property Solutions Acquisition) - 200m - RE/PropTech Faraday Futures (in talks)

This one will kick off tomorrow.

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NDAQ:ACTC (ArcLight Clean Transition Corp) - Proterra

Big one for a lot of people.

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