Pre & post market, bid & ask display, shorting

A few quick questions regarding the topic title.

  • Are there any plans to introduce the ability to buy commons outside of the CFD account in the pre and post market at any point? So for example, being able to buy any stock before 14:30 (GMT) in the ISA account.

  • Being able to see the bid and ask price of a stock would be great, at the moment it can be confusing if a stock hits your limit sell and it doesn’t execute because the price displayed is the bid price and not the ask. Due to this it’s important for the user to have other charting software to track price more accurately.

  • Being able to see stock movement during pre and post market would be helpful instead of seeing the market close price until the market reopens again. I appreciate this might be at a cost and I would have no issues paying a subscription for this kind of service.

  • I appreciate shorting stocks requires a margin account, but are there any plans to introduce shorting outside of a CFD account?

I use T212 primarily for trading as the interface is clean and easy to use/understand but I do believe it’s lacking some of the functionality that the bigger or more established brokerages have. I would be happy to pay a subscription in the future to have access to some of this functionality as I day trade and need the exposure to out of hours markets.


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